Your online station for used machinery trade.

To help our clients increase productivity and reduce the costs of their metalworking operations, we created Used Machinery Direct.

Our team contains professionals with decades of experience in designing, engineering, building, and selling machinery.
Through the years, we have developed an eye for detecting good working machinery. We know when a piece of machine has more to give and can still contribute to the workshop. For this reason, we decided to create a special department dedicated to recovering used machinery.

We built this online marketplace as a network to connect and give you more of our knowledge on machinery by keeping, reclaiming, and reselling our used machinery at competitive prices.

As an environmentally-conscious business, we are committed to minimizing our waste footprint.

This initiative highlights our vision of progressing in this industry while keeping in mind the role of sustainability and preservation of resources. .
We are firm believers in the idea that high-quality products should be recovered, not replaced, and extending their lifetime is a great solution.

Quality control

It’s important for us to be completely transparent and honest about
every machine and tell exactly the condition of the machine inquired.

That’s why we prefer customers to come, see, and test the machines in our showroom before purchasing,
so they can make an informed decision that benefits them.
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Do you know what it takes to repair a machine?

Read more below to discover all the stages of a machine restoration.

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After you trade off your machine for a new and upgraded version, we place your used machine in the warehouse, where it goes through a tedious inspection phase by our team.