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Morgan Rushworth ACP 1530/300 Compact CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

c/w Extraction Unit

1.5 x 3.0 Metre Table

Full suite Pronest Software​


Morgan Rushworth ACP Plasma Cutting Machine & HPR 130XD High Definition

3m x 1.5 Metre Table

Extraction Table

Hypertherm ProNest Software


Ajan High Definition 3 x 1.5m CNC Plasma 130 Amp

Software & Control, Waterbed

Production Pierce Cap.

Mild Steel mm 25

Stainless Steel mm 20

Aluminium mm 20


Esprit Viper Twin-Head Plasma cutting machine

4 x 10 Metre Bed

Twin Head Hypertherm HPR260XD Power Source

YOM 2015



Holbrook Centre Lathe

450mm swing

1000mm between centres

65mm bore or 2 1/2"​

​Interlock guard

Price: £3,000

Colchester Triumph 2000 Centre Lathe

450mm swing

1300 between centre's​

2" Spindle Bore

16 Speeds 25 - 2000 rpm

Price: £4,750


Kingsland Multi 95-5 Station Steelworker 415V

27mm diameter through 25mm Punching

380 x 20mm Flat 44Bar, Shearing

150 x 15mm Angle Shear

Price: £7,950

Kingsland Ultima 125 Hydraulic Steelworker 415 V

Punching capacity: 35 x 25 or 57 x 16 (dia x thickness)

Shearing capacity: 380 x 25 mm

Angle Cutting 90º Cut: 150 x 150 x 18mm

Price: £6,000



12' 3" x 250 Tonne Hydraulic Pressbrake

c/w Gooseneck and Std Set of tooling
Light guards

Fitted with Rear & Side Guards

Price: £22,000

Pearson 3 Metre x 100 Tonne Pressbrake - 415V

Multi V bottom tool

Safety light guards