The Process

The Process
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Machine Arrival Phase

After you trade off your machine for a new and upgraded version, we place your used machine in the warehouse, where it goes through a tedious inspection phase by our team. They accurately clean the machine, and our technicians conduct some test runs and general checks.
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Inspection Phase

By this stage, the machine is clean and ready to be tested. Firstly we run a basic initial test to test the basic functions and to check that the machine is not critically faulty. Once the machine passes the basic inspection, we then move to a thorough Inspection whereupon any replacement parts or consumables are identified and ordered.
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Upgrade Phase

At this stage, the machine has passed the Basic & Thorough inspections and all required parts will be available in our inventory ready to fit to the machine to Upgrade it to a fully working order. We schedule the work accordingly and these parts are fitted and tested by our technicians.
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Preparation Phase

By this stage, the machine is in full working order. All that remains is to conduct a final test, clean the machine again and then prepare the relevant marketing material including detailed images and videos which are then uploaded to The machine is ready for a new home!
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